Whitelisting Now Live! Less Than 7-Days To Go! Follow These Steps To Get Whitelisted Today.

The TigerSwap team is pleased to officially announce whitelisting slot and allocations for all early investors. In this article we shall be breaking it all down and sharing with you exactly how you can qualify & reserve your spots.

There will be a total of 500 whitelist spot available and below are the details and requirements to qualify.

Make sure to fill and complete the form here — https://tigerswap.global/whitelist/

There will also be Bonus rewards for select members:


To qualify for bonus, make sure to Like and retweet the TigerSwap pinned Tweet on Twitter and Tag at least 3 of your friends while using the hashtags #TigerSwap #BinanceSmartChain #BSCGems #1000xgems #presales #newlistings #whitelist #PublicSales #WEB3.0 #GoTigers #GoTigers3.0 #GoTigers2022

For the second extra bonus reward — 2nd Bonus Reward: $500

Join the Telegram shilling train, create your own custom gifs & stickers, keep the community active with positive comments and messages to stand a chance to win. Bots will be banned immediately. Only human engagements & active humans stand a chance to win rewards. #GoTigers2022 Join Community

Please note the slots will be allocated and distributed as follow:

Early 50 — The first 50 slots will be for the early birds and early investors with minimum buy orders of 1-BNB. To qualify, these early birds must ensure payments are made and contributions are sent to the official team wallet here — 0x5fbF524573368491c3deaE2acA3Fa43f0E96C9F1. Beneficiaries of this round enjoy discounted prices and can qualify at earlier & private rounds.

Silver 150 — This slot will be awarded to the most engaging and quality creatives and designers. All selected memes, gifs, videos and graphics will be retweeted and announced. Whitelisted wallets under this category qualify to win bonus rewards of over $500 and shortlisted winners will receive rewards in the provided and whitelisted wallets. The minimum buy order for wallets whitelisted under this category is 0.5 BNB and the maximum for each wallet is 3 BNB. All members here can participate in all public sale rounds. Deposits and contributions must be made to the same team wallet address — 0x5fbF524573368491c3deaE2acA3Fa43f0E96C9F1.

Platinum 150 — Same as the silver plan as above. With the minimum buying order of $100. Maximum allocation per wallet remains 3 BNB. Deposits to be made to the same team wallet address as below. Please copy and paste to buy— 0x5fbF524573368491c3deaE2acA3Fa43f0E96C9F1

Diamond 150 — This slot is reserved most especially for the community active members. Bots do not qualify and only engaging humans will be acknowledged. They also stand a chance to win the prize pool from the 2nd bonus reward allocated for the whitelist. All members of this group have a minimum buy order of $100 too but will be selected based on how active they are in the group and how well they perform at the shilling contest.

Terms: All allocations are based on first come first serve basis and all whitelisted wallets must make sure the deposits are made on time or they can loose their slots. All requirements must also be completed and most active accounts and profiles also get to participate in reward pools and stand chances to win from allocated give-away prizes.

So here’s to wishing you all the very best and lets get ready for the next phase. Make sure to register via link here — https://tigerswap.global/whitelist/

Join us today:

Telegram: https://t.me/TigerSwap_Ex

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TigerSwap_Ex

Medium: tigerswap-ex.medium.com

Website: https://tigerswap.global/




First v3 AMM & Concentrated Liquidity On #BinanceSmartChain. LPs & holders enjoy up to 4,000x capital efficiency at low risk + Lending, Lottery, DAO & much more

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Tiger Swap Global

Tiger Swap Global

First v3 AMM & Concentrated Liquidity On #BinanceSmartChain. LPs & holders enjoy up to 4,000x capital efficiency at low risk + Lending, Lottery, DAO & much more

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