Something About Pop! This is Happening On Binance Smart Chain & No-one Is Talking About It. See For Yourself Here

In the past few months, the blockchain industry has experienced an explosive shift and tremendous growth. $71 Billion US Dollars! Thats the total value locked in DeFi according to DeFiPulse as at the time of writing this article.

While crypto innovations like NFTs have an estimated total marketcap of about $24 Million US Dollars according to Coinmarketcap, there is obviously no doubt that the entire industry revolves arounds an economy highly powered by DeFi protocols. The most common of all DeFi protocols are AMMs — Automated Market Makers which as the name implies they make the markets while other DeFi functions includes lending, farming, liquidity mining amongst several others.

If these protocols continue to remain the foundation on which future innovations are built including Metaverse, Web 3.0 and several others — because they all need an AMM to facilitate trades and transactions of their assets right? Infact it is almost impossible to see any successful project not connected to at least one DeFi protocol, trading pair or crypto aggregators, DEX and in some cases CEXs too. I believe we can all agree on this part.

So if this is the case, there is obviously no doubt that as long as DeFi will continue to be a strong foundation and power house of the crypto economy, it is not only a stable and smart investment it is also equally subject to innovation and consistent growth.

This growth & innovation is what is about to happen to Binance Smart Chain! Everything is about to pop! A really big burst is about to happen really soon unless everyone really pays attention to the shift required for the continuous growth and evolution of the DeFi industry & crypto-space

This future growth and expansion of the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem is here now. It begins with v3 AMMs & concentrated liquidity which basically says why provide liquidity for a pair of assets over the range of 0 to infinity when you can concentrated the liquidity between specific price ranges and earn extremely higher returns while enjoying capital efficiency of over 4,000x! We published a full article describing and explaining this concept in details here and you should sure check it out and read through sometime.

So besides the disparity between price and value which is common on Binance Smart Chain where by it is common to find tokens with over 3,000,000 units all worth less than $20, This phenomenon might just end up leaving almost 60% of total tokens on the network going to zero.

It is time for a change!

In the next article, we shall be covering a detailed comparison between what the team at TigerSwap is bringing to market along side with what is currently available in the market to help you see more clearly exactly why it a great shift is at hand. While this not only helps you understand the platform and product we are building, you also get to see the reason why we are still all at the early stages and it is never too late to join the winning train and innovative future of DeFi by being a part of the TigerSwap success story.

Because on one side while the number one AMM on Binance Smart Chain is not operating on the v3 upgrade of AMMs, this is an apportunity for you to join the future industry leaders of DeFi so much that before the rest of the industry catches up we would have all been way ahead. And yes you might wonder why don’t they just upgrade, much as I wouldn’t say it is impossible but simply because the way block chain is structured, key changes can’t be suddenly implemented like that as it would break a lot of currently working farms and protocols and just leave the whole industry in a huge pandemonium considering the fact that over $5 Billion dollars is at stake in liquidity and besides the v3 also comes with some innovative features unique to its own framework too.

So in the mean time, wouldn’t you just rather move with the winning train? knowing fully well that besides enjoying over 4,000x capital efficiency, the fore-casted estimated returns is extremely equally explosive too.

These forecast, comparison and more will be shared and discussed in our next article. There is a popular investment saying that says:

Find Out Where The People Are Going & Buy The Land Before They Get There.

Which could further understood and interpreted as:

Find Out Where The Industry Is Heading & Invest In Innovative Solutions & Platforms Before The Market & The People Get There

On this note, while a pop is imminent on v2 AMMs on The Binance Smart Chain Network, we equally encourage you to join and support the TigerSwap innovative platform bringing v3 AMMs to Binance Smart Chain.

Here you can view a beta version and current progress of our platform development via the link — and make sure to stay tuned across all our social media platforms to stay updated on future announcements and available opportunities. Join us today:








First v3 AMM & Concentrated Liquidity On #BinanceSmartChain. LPs & holders enjoy up to 4,000x capital efficiency at low risk + Lending, Lottery, DAO & much more

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Tiger Swap Global

Tiger Swap Global

First v3 AMM & Concentrated Liquidity On #BinanceSmartChain. LPs & holders enjoy up to 4,000x capital efficiency at low risk + Lending, Lottery, DAO & much more

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