Recap: TigerSwap AMA — April, 2022

  • We shall be carrying out a situational analysis of where we are currently and how we plan to arrive at our next milestone
  • Create a balance and mutual structure that can enable the co-existence of both environments — office and offline efforts alongside with expectations from telegram and social and digital community
  • Allow the option for both parts to be able to do exist and this this means, we begin by retracing our steps. While allowing for the possibilities for investors to privately hold the tokens based on their own demand
  • Roll out more modules and activities and continue to produce more value to the ecosystem
  • Launch strategy will be same as UNI, DyDx & COMP for they are a core part of our case studies which is our original plan as thus — integrate a testnet to the dapp and add more networks (reason we are adding more networks is because we are applying for grants and support from them) the testnet is to allow onboarding and new members play around the environment so while we provide education and training, you can practice with the testnet. Launch strategy will become to airdrop tokens to selected wallets just like UNi, DyDx, COMP did and most likely how MetaMask will do too. Thus there will be no need for public rounds anymore or presales
  • After the airdropping of tokens, dependent on how much we are able to raise from grants, private investors and donations from the academy or other revenue sources, we shall create and provide liquidity, get listed on cmc and coingecko with our own funds that way anyone from the public interested in buying does not get a presale price but buys from where ever listed.
  • And we can continue to grow from there. The ultimate goal is that TigerSwap goes from showing $0 on Bscscan to having a number attached to it. Once this is achieved, we believe we can only continue to grow from there.
  • Holders can participate in all activities on the TigerSwap DeFi platform
  • From staking to farming to lending to lottery and every single module on the Dapp here —
  • It will also be the official listing pair TIGERS/BNB on DEX and TIGERS/USDT on CEX



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