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Hello $TIGERS! Today we share with you a recap of the recently held AMA at the official TigerSwap telegram community. Please see below:

Date: 25th April 2022
Time: 11am UTC

Q1. Can you briefly introduce TigerSwap and what it entails?

@TigerSwap: Thank you so much @ZekeJayyyyy most especially for the support and for always believing in this project.
I want to promise the community that you have my word and 100% transparency on everything that is going on and I will be happy to genuinely answer all of your questions. TigerSwap is really serious project we are genuinely looking to manifest and launch. It springs from the obviously identified gaps and void not only on the Binance Smart Chain network but the cryptocurrency space as a whole. Initially our plan was to fund with our money till launch. Because we believe in a “build it they will come” model. And this is what has happened. TigerSwap is bridging the gap between AMMs and the v3 technology. And the vision remains getting listed here as a v3 DEX.

The TigerSwap ecosystem will be a platform with both DeFi and a Play To earn game because entertainment has a unique way of getting new users onboard as we belief play to earn is here to stay but most importantly DeFi not going anywhere anytime soon. The idea is to have an ecosystem that can accommodate both environments while leveraging on the latest technology on AMMs at the same time.

Q2: Kindly tell us about TigerSwap Academy as published on your Medium platform, what’s it going to be about?

@TigerSwap: So the truth is from our AMA sessions and experience so far in this space, we have noticed there is a silent and undiscussed scarcity of valuable information. And even where the valuable information is available, it is closed and not properly disseminated.
So which means even if an invention is innovative, without properly educating and spreading valuable knowledge about it, people not only reluctant to invest in what they don’t understand but if we can empower more people and together create the spark that helps them to see that crypto is a lot much bigger than what it is right now and could be, we believe that genuineness coming from the heart of every investor will contribute to helping a project and platform last longer.

At TigerSwap academy, the vision is to educate, empower and share valuable knowledge on crypto and Decentralized finance most importantly. Also to spread more awareness on the future of finance, cryptocurrency, regulations, what is to come and much more as much as we can to the best of our capacity

With the academy we are looking to work with coaches, course content creators, YouTubers and industry leaders across successful platforms both online and VC firms.

We are also looking to work with Tiger Angels that can represent and disseminate valuable knowledge to the community around them

With education and Tiger Academy, the next wave of crypto billionaires will have each and everyone of us strategically positioned especially with the recent interest of regulatory bodies in the industry

Please visit and stay tuned as we prepare to provide more official details on that in coming weeks.

ZekeJay||AMA CHAMBERS: Wow, this is really impressive 👏👏👏. So you’ll be employing the services of content creators and professionals inorder to achieve this feat?

@TigerSwap: Yes. It will be a mutually beneficial partnership and arrangement. When the seed of education is properly planted in the right minds, the impact of its blossom could serve nations and leave a mark for generations to come.

Because truth is in most AMAs we attend, only the few and experienced people that know about DeFi and the value of what we are building could really understand and support the project and the truth is their own support is genuine and long term because they can see all the information right there on the news.

For example, v3 license will become open source by April 2023. TigerSwap is just positioning to get ready before then, because once this license goes open source, the demand, the shift, the explosion of v3 projects will be like none that we have not really seen before. It’s all on the charts and in the news out there

ZekeJay || AMA CHAMBERS: I totally agree 💯, proper education impacts knowledge, which is the main driver of innovations.

Please see the gap in the numbers yourself. TigerSwap is strategically positioning to join this train. This is what we are building and working towards. This vision.

Q3: Tell us about your plans for your Private Sale investors, do you have anything in store for them?

Oh yes! They are the best! There is a lot in store for them. Infact the truth is, we are not really interested in either the public presale goes well or not, we already have a plan and a mapped out strategy. Like I said, our plan is a “build it and they will come” strategy with our own funds and 100% risk. However the private sale proposition from a business and expansion angle makes quite a lot of sense too which was why it was attempted.

If you come to us and say we can raise funds by private sales and use the fund to invest in marketing to raise funds for public sales and out of the public sale funds, 60% goes to providing liquidity on a DEX and the rest funds can pay for exchange listing and other marketing fees to grow and expand et.c. We all here can agree that it makes a lot of sense.

If you put yourself in the position of the team. It’s really worth giving a shot. Because either ways, your long term vision and project value and strength is not really affected that much. We are still applying for grants, that has not stopped, we are still speaking to VCs and attending meetings to present the platform, we are still doing our work as an organization as moving forward.

For the private sale investors, regardless of how the presale turn out, they should be at peace knowing that they are in safe hands and with the right team. At the end of the presale round, regardless of how it goes, they will be getting updates privately on our progress, achievements and milestones as we unlock them.

PS: All funds raised from private sale rounds are properly accounted for. At the end of the presale, our finance will put it together and share with everyone exactly where each BNB went.

ZekeJay || AMA CHAMBERS: Your mindset will definitely lead this project to success 🔥🔥

@TigerSwap: Thank you so much. No doubt, we would rise out of this. The support of the private sale investors means much more to us and equally means a lot to the success of this project too because sincerely, we were never really interested in the public sale rounds.

ZekeJay || AMA CHAMBERS: The next question is probably one that everyone is interested in.

@TigerSwap: So at this point let me share with you our original launch strategy so everyone here can understand and foresee exactly what we shall be reverting back to regardless of how the presale turns out.
Truth is regardless of how the presale goes, we are still good and I need everyone to be fully assured of that. The public round is expected to be a bonus and complimentary of what we already have in store. Everyone here if you genuinely have any sincerity in your heart, you would admit that we achieved and built so much ahead even than many projects that raised heavy volumes on presale and this is because 1. We never relied on public funds. Our structure is not built on that. This is fully self funded by the team and members here with us and our new digital/telegram family of private investors. We are real people just like you. Not scammers.

2. Whether or not we reach softcap or not, Nothing happening on here will affect what we already have in place that much and that is what we shall revert to whether or not we reach soft cap and that is what I shall be explaining now. And this is the plan we have:

  • We shall be carrying out a situational analysis of where we are currently and how we plan to arrive at our next milestone
  • Create a balance and mutual structure that can enable the co-existence of both environments — office and offline efforts alongside with expectations from telegram and social and digital community
  • Allow the option for both parts to be able to do exist and this this means, we begin by retracing our steps. While allowing for the possibilities for investors to privately hold the tokens based on their own demand
  • Roll out more modules and activities and continue to produce more value to the ecosystem
  • Launch strategy will be same as UNI, DyDx & COMP for they are a core part of our case studies which is our original plan as thus — integrate a testnet to the dapp and add more networks (reason we are adding more networks is because we are applying for grants and support from them) the testnet is to allow onboarding and new members play around the environment so while we provide education and training, you can practice with the testnet. Launch strategy will become to airdrop tokens to selected wallets just like UNi, DyDx, COMP did and most likely how MetaMask will do too. Thus there will be no need for public rounds anymore or presales
  • After the airdropping of tokens, dependent on how much we are able to raise from grants, private investors and donations from the academy or other revenue sources, we shall create and provide liquidity, get listed on cmc and coingecko with our own funds that way anyone from the public interested in buying does not get a presale price but buys from where ever listed.
  • And we can continue to grow from there. The ultimate goal is that TigerSwap goes from showing $0 on Bscscan to having a number attached to it. Once this is achieved, we believe we can only continue to grow from there.

This is the original plan and what we shall be reverting to regardless of the presales turns out. We really don’t need it, the public is the one that does needs it and if they don’t support it, we are fine. We go back to our drawing board and focus on our strategy and relaunch. Often times from my experience, they always come back to buy at higher price because from the last voting round and analytics we did, the actual base listing fee for each Tiger token is not expected to be less than $100 — $200 per token. If you look at the supply and check the market and charts and other tokenomics, I believe if you do the maths right, you’d agree with me

So yes, this is our plan after presale whether we reach softcap or not. Thank you everyone. ❤️

Q5: To wrap up the introductory segment, kindly intimate us with the tokenomics of $TIGER as well as its utilities and use cases

@TigerSwap: The tokenomics will not remain the same and as such will be revised but that is dependent on the outcome of the ongoing presales and remaining tokens on the private sale rounds.

But I can explain further on the utilities and what the token will be used for

  • Holders can participate in all activities on the TigerSwap DeFi platform
  • From staking to farming to lending to lottery and every single module on the Dapp here —
  • It will also be the official listing pair TIGERS/BNB on DEX and TIGERS/USDT on CEX

And most importantly when ownership is transferred to DAO governance, holders of $TIGERS will be able vote and participate in decision making rounds on upgrades and updates too

It will also be the official token on the play to earn ecosystem too.


Q1: Is there any story behind the choice of the title Tigerswap? What prompted the idea to title the project “Tigerswap”? Are there perhaps any qualities of Tigers you intend to imbibe in this project? By @Lalaofafrica

@TigerSwap: We chose the name Tiger because to break into the space and vision we are building towards, only Tigers can withstand such. The Tiger qualities are fully imbibed in all our team members. Besides it just really sounds cool and goes along with everything we are building.

Q2: Why do you think I should still believe in this project if SC or HC is still not met after the presale? As a seed Investor, can I still be rest assured that the project will still do well even though the presale is not successful? By @Eyinjuele1

@TigerSwap: Yes you do have our 100% assurance. There are lots of case studies of projects that went on to achieve great success without presales at all. Besides this project is more of privately funded, we just initially expected and thought the presale could get us to the market faster but eventually nature was right, great things take time and most likely maybe if the presale had been successful a lot of people might have sold and dumped and this might not project well when we speak to investors too. So on one side, we believe everything turned out perfectly well for our good. Because at least now we are in better position to seek funding and institutional investments and secondly be rest assured your investment are safe because in all sincerity, the team has so much more invested on this project so much we have no other choice but to win and make it a success. It might take some time but we will definately get there without a single doubt.

Q3: In recent months or weeks, there have been many failed and disappearing projects (SCAM) because the tokens have decreased in price or become ashes, how can $TIGERS convince us not to do that, what are the ways to make your coin price stable? By @Johnkeyyy

@TigerSwap: We shall continue to put creating value and building utility first before everything else. As long as we continue to build, they will come and together we all can grow

Q4: What are you willing to accomplish in the next 6 months? By @morolibertas


1. The roll out of Tiger Academy to provide education, awareness, dissemination of valuable information and empowerment on DeFi and crypto generally,

2. Addition of testnet and expansion to more network on the platform.

3. Launch of staking and farming on the dapp after airdrop of utility token to selected wallets

4. Listing and launch of trading pairs

5. CMC and coingecko listing.

These are some of the things we are looking to achieve in coming 6 months.

It’s back to the drawing board for us.

Q5: We need to know of what benefits is the donation to the wildlife preservation centers,I mean to your token,how does this contribute to the growth of tigerswap token? By @Tioncrypto

@TigerSwap: That’s a non profit initiative and social give back to the world. It’s not expected to bring us anything in return. All profits from the merch sales here will be dedicated to that cause

Q6: Many projects don’t usually retain investors trust after launch and this somehow push potential investors away, how do your team intend to deal with such doubt? By @neverdmyoujoe

@TigerSwap: By building a continuous relationship with them and keeping the project alive even after launch.

Q7: Among your key features I come across is your tiger bet, what makes the role of it necessary in the Defi space,with regards to investors coming in with their funds, I hope this won’t lead to lost of funds ? By @Ebilomajerry

@TigerSwap: It’s a feature in research and official updates will be published as soon as available by team.

Q8: What is the unique selling point of Tigerswap? What differentiates Tigerswap from all other similar projects? By @Cryptogeria

@TigerSwap: It’s a v3 AMM available on Ethereum EVM and compatible networks and Dapps

Q9: I’m a big fan of projects with solid use cases and long term visions, not those looking to make big profits within short space of time, that being said, can you tell us about the long term visions and goals of TigerSwap? Will you still be standing in 1–2 years time?

@TigerSwap: We are here beyond the next 5 years even our domain has been extended with extra 2years. We are here for long term

Q10: I’ve been following up your project since the AMA session with AMA CHAMBERS, your presale is currently ongoing, do you have plans to prevent pump and dumps of your token? Your listing price is $35, what are your plans on price stability for your token? By @Jenniferr_Crypto

@TigerSwap: This has been carefully structured in to the tokenomics. And you can find detailed description here too

Q11: What plans do you have for tokens that may be unsold after the public sale? what will happen to the them? Also, why would you advice anyone to invest in Tigerswap now more than any other time? By @Lalaofafrica

@TigerSwap: Everything that has happened this far is a stepping stone to our next milestone. Infact, we are now more confident than ever!

Q12: Currently a lot of people are looking at NFTs, metaverse, and games. Can you tell me what advantages will you have in this field future? By @Johnkeyyy

@TigerSwap: We are building for the future. All of this can be integrated with us and communicate with our api. Our repositories are publicly available here and infact we are already getting applications from platforms looking to connect when we launch. Speaking of NfTs, on v3 each liquidity position is represented as onchain generative NFTs, you are not only LPs or holders, but owning pieces of NFT assets.

Q13: There are two features of Tigerswap I find really interesting: the Tiger BET and the Tiger Bank features. What are the benefits of each of these features to users of Tigerswap? Is Tiger Bank a replacement for traditional banks or how exactly does it work? By @Kerzy_F

@TigerSwap: Tiger banks is not a replacement of traditional banks but will provide low interest lending and borrowing. As part of our USP which is to offer DeFi as a service, traditional bankers also have the option to onboard. Tiger bank is a decentralized system where anyone can be the bank. As regards the Tiger Bet as mentioned earlier and in our publications, this is a feature we are looking into and official publications will be made in due time.

Q14: Is there any burn Mechanism on our journey? By @morolibertas

@TigerSwap: Yes. There is. Right now 50% total
Supply burnt and also along the line as contained on the roadmap there will be more buy backs and burns to manage the economy too.

Q15: How does tigerswap provide solution regarding increase of value, liquidity and utility of tokens? That will lead to an increase in token prices? What is your plan to stabilize your project and provide investors with the highest long-term return? By @Cynthiabently

@TigerSwap: Increase of value has been made obvious. Besides the uniqueness of the innovation, our offerings expands beyond the digital space alone and with our DeFi As A Service, onboarding traditional financial system is also one huge market we are confident will not only keep us afloat but also give leverage over the available platform in the industry that are solely dependent on telegram shilling, marketing and hype. Our ecosystem expands beyond all that.

Once again, we say a big thank you to the community for your continuous support and donations on this project. Our team and community will be happy to assist you if you have any further issues or need anything.

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