Introducing The TigerSwap Ecosystem + Official Message From The CEO & Project Team

Hello Tigers! Welcome to the family and allow me to share in details with you all about the ecosystem and the platform our development team is building on Binance Smart Chain. My name is Alexei & I am the project manager of Tiger Swap ecosystem but before I go further, let me quickly mention at this point that many of the things I shall be revealing here are much more simpler to understand than how complex it appears & I promise to keep it as brief & direct to the point as possible as I can.

First What Is The TigerSwap Platform About? Addressing The Disparity Between Price x Value For The Next Generation DeFi

The idea originally was based on the recent growth and advancement in blockchain and the emergence of NFTs, GameFi, SocialFi & The Metaverse and we realized — what if we could have one DeFi ecosystem that would integrate them all. With TigerSwap, everything can be on one ecosystem with a governance structure that ensures LPs can enjoy up to 4,000x capital efficiency relative to v2 AMMs allowing them to earn higher returns on their capital — what’s more? Each position is represented as an NFT and comes with a unique piece of on-chain generative art! With auto-staking and farming, holders get to earn passive income at one of the highest APYs available in the market today with very low risk involved and in the next few lines, I shall be explaining how this works technically —

In summary, TIGERSWAP is saying why have billions & trillions of tokens worth $0.000000000003 when you can have a few tokens that could be worth $30,000 and above? Do you want to have high number of tokens at $0.0000000000000000003 price hoping it gets to $1 per token one day which rarely ever happens or might take forever to achieve or do you want at least just 1 token worth $30,000 and can keep rising higher because it has a high dollar value and price to it? This is what TIGERSWAP is solving!

The technology and concept behind this experiment is simply to change the position of where the zeros are which is reflected in our tokenomics and structure — by building a highly demanded and powerful ecosystem capable of transacting billions of dollars worth of transactions in seconds and a total circulating supply of just 45,000 Tokens! Now imagine instead of the price of 10,000,000 tokens be worth $0.0003 why not 1 token be worth $3,000 and continues to go up from there? That’s the game changer we are bringing to the industry — Goodbye to 500,000,000 tokens in your wallet that you can only sell for $35! This disparity between price & value is one of the key reasons and idea behind TigerSwap

now let me explain how this works & how together as one unstoppable community we can achieve this ultimate goal by working together to create the first ever platform of its kind & most innovative DeFi project this year!

How It All Started & What Exactly is v3 AMM & Concentrated Liquidity — The Way It Was & What The Final Outcome & Future Looks Like.

The v3 AMM was launched by Uniswap to address many of the core challenges faced by v2 exchanges & swaps with v3 focusing on capital efficiency and allowing users to earn more and dramatically improve trade executions at low fees, fast speed, low risk that can equally be compared and even surpass the quality of centralized exchanges. v3 can also be seen more as a Decentralized version of Centralized exchanges like Binance, Hotbit et.c

The Way It Was Before:

Before when you provide liquidity, you get a share of the pool as seen in the image above and liquidity is distributed evenly across the price curves which allows for all price ranges between 0 & infinity which makes your capital investment less efficient because most assets usually trade between particular price ranges there fore making the earning and returns on the capital invested really very low compared to what v3 now has to offer.

What v3 Architecture Looks Like

In this advanced v3 model using ETH & USDT as an example, we would observe that, when providing liquidity, there is an option to select price range. Efficiency of capital also makes you realize that choosing full range position not only gives you less fess to earn but also you can see where your capital can be concentrated on and that way you can make your capital about 4,000x more efficient helping to earn more and make more. In addition to this, you have the option to choose fee tiers and can see recommendations unlike v2 where it is the same for everyone and very low returns and yield for everyone.

This is what it looks like when you select the range where you want your capital to be effective allowing you to maximize returns and earn more because in reality of the market, most crypto-currencies only trade between certain price ranges — This model further helps you reduce risk and prevents losses while also helping you keep capital required to make huge profits really low.

Now let’s look at the problem in the market, our solution & benefits for you.

The Problem:

This powerful protocol and one of the greatest innovations in DeFi is not yet available on the Binance Smart Chain Network. Because most top AMM providers in Binance Smart Chain are still operating on the v2 model. The second problem is that with v3, there is no liquidity mining program yet which makes it tough for even some of the biggest BSC platforms to migrate because the mode of operations in DeFi is often built around liquidity mining, staking and farming.

Still wondering what the difference is? Look at Bob & Alice example below:

On v2 if Alice invests over $1,000,000 as an LP, she gets to enjoy about 50% APR with only 15% of her total $1,000,000 effective in the market.

While on v3 Bob gets to have the same $1,000,000 as an LP but with just $183,000 can get over 314% APR with 100% of the capital effective while still having about $800,000+ capital remaining untouched yet! and could go into other similar investments and pools.

This is not only huge for LPs but holders of the $TIGERSWAP token get to not only enjoy explosive APRs/APYs they also get to have access to other unique features of the ecosystem including TIGER Banks Lending Protocol that provides low interest borrowing/lending, TIGER Lottery where you can stand a chance to win huge values worth of prized & so much more.

$TIGERSWAP will be the governance token of the ecosystem as community & holders get to vote for the growth and introduction of more features.

Our Solution & Vision:

This huge disparity between price and value and huge gap is advancement between v2 and v3 is costing the whole market a huge lot and not everyone is paying attention to this because if it isn’t really broken and could make some few percentage profit and returns then why fix it?

But the truth is that — with TIGERSWAP emerging & starting on this advanced standard at launch, we foresee a migration of LPs from previous pools to our platform and we see a future where v3 AMMs become the new standard with many new platforms using the fork version of TigerSwap too because why earn 1% of a pool when you can enjoy over 4,000x capital efficiency and earn about 500% APYs and returns!

Now guess what we are not doing this with 100,000,000 token supply, we are using just 45,000 tokens in circulating supply! We already burnt the other 45,000 tokens — Shhhhhh! Don’t tell anybody yet. Haha! Because instead of 100,000 tokens worth $1, we would rather have 1 token worth $100,000! We are not cats or dogs, we are Tigers!

Don’t miss out on this explosion & make sure to join us today! Get whitelisted here so you get progress updates & can also be a part of this ground breaking success story! This is the beginning of the next generation & future of DeFi. You are in early.

What To Do & Your Next Line of Action

In the next article, I shall be sharing with you our products and use-cases, tokenomics, official roadmap and progress update report to ensure the community and the world is duly carried along with everything we are doing over here. Transparency, love and strong family bond in the TIGER Community is equally priority for us. In the mean-time, to be a part of this journey and make sure you are not left behind, get white-listed today via the official website here and make sure to stay connected with us via any of our social media profiles below. Thank you & welcome to the Tiger Family!

Join us today:








First v3 AMM & Concentrated Liquidity On #BinanceSmartChain. LPs & holders enjoy up to 4,000x capital efficiency at low risk + Lending, Lottery, DAO & much more

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Tiger Swap Global

First v3 AMM & Concentrated Liquidity On #BinanceSmartChain. LPs & holders enjoy up to 4,000x capital efficiency at low risk + Lending, Lottery, DAO & much more

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